Summer Ashtanga School

This summer… Join the Ashtanga Yoga Summer School!

The Ashtanga Summer School is now celebrating its 9th year, its 6th in Colares, Portugal! (Now on waitlist)

This year I’m also excited to announce the Summer School Morocco Retreat! (still spaces remaining)

From August 6 until September 1, come and join for a memorable summer yoga experience in the beautiful location of Colares, Portugal. Together we will not only share in the teachings of yoga but also in the bounty of this special place, its beaches, forest, castles, palaces and more. 

This ‘school’ is about much more than the practice of posture, although daily practice does form the central core. We will also delve deeply into the philosophy of yoga through chanting, philosophy and mythology as well as tools for deeper personal inquiry and development. Moreover, there will be opportunities to make connections with like minded people, surf, go climbing, take walks in nature etc.

The hope is that this school will provide the space for a coming together as an international community of friends old and new, sharing in that which joins us – the space of yoga both physical, philosophical and as a way of life.

If this sounds like your kind of thing please apply here.

Learn about the guiding spirit of Summer School here.



Classes will be held at Aldeia da Praia a short distance from Praia Grande and Praia das Maçãs just outside the town of Colares. You can see the location here on Google Maps.


You will be responsible for your own accommodation and food. Accommodation is available at the Aldeia and alternative options can be found on Airbnb,, etc. Accomodation  and camping spaces are also available at the not far away Quinta 7 Nomes. Access to your own transport is recommended in order to best see the sites of the area.

If you require some additional accommodation alternatives please check the school Telegram group where information about accommodation can be shared.


The Summer School is offered on a donation basis. I have been re-inspired by this talk on the concept of ‘Giftism‘ to return to this method. If you would like a guideline on what to offer in return for the ‘teachings’ below you will find some suggestions. My recommendation is that you really tune in to what you would like to offer from your heart and together we reciprocate in turning the wheel of generosity.

Ashtanga Yoga Summer School suggested donation tiers (Euro)

1 week 175/200/250

2 weeks 250/300/350

3 weeks 300/350/400

4 weeks 325/375/425


Classes will begin at 6.30am most days although there may be days when we start earlier. There will be no classes on Saturdays or Moon Days and classes will be ‘Mysore style‘ (which is the traditional method of learning this yoga method). The minimum commitment for attendance is one one-week long session.

Three times a week following the Mysore class will be a session of chanting, Q&A and discussion. Further activities and get-togethers will also be arranged. The best way to keep up to date with School activities is via the Ashtanga Yoga Summer School group on Telegram.

Spaces are limited and are available upon application. All levels of practitioner, from beginner to advanced, are welcome to apply. Once your application is successful it will be secured with a non-refundable deposit of €50 which also acts as a contribution to the administration of the school.



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